„Demokracja w Polsce ma się dobrze”,

prof. Ewa Borkowska posłała do wielu redakcji dzienników w Europie i Ameryce:


Mrs Mrs Eileen Murphy

New York Times


Dear Mrs Eileen Murphy,

Democracy in Poland is well. Do you remember what President B. Obama said when he won the 2008 presidential elections? He said: „Elections have consequences, and I have won”. Since that time Democrats have been in power and I respect the verdict of the American society. So please respect the verdict of the Polish society which voted for the Law and Justice Party that won the 2015 elections and now have the majority in Polish Parliament. It is much in Poland that has to be changed (politics and media). And I wish the Polish citizens to have American visas to travel to the USA. I have my American visa stamped in my passport because I am Professor of English and American Literatures and I like America very much (travelling to and from regularly). I wish the same for the Polish nation, to have visas and to travel freely between the continents. Please respect the changes in Poland introduced by the Polish government, the newly elected government of my country. I was born in Poland and I have been the Polish citizen for the last more than 50 years. And I respect the verdict of the elections much as I did, and will always do, respect the verdict of the American elections, the next ones in 2016, that is this year. Long live Poland and long live Polish-American friendship.

With respect and great love for American-Polish friendship,

Ewa Borkowska

P.S. By the way, please read the book by Richard Weaver „Ideas have consequences”, written in 1946 by the genius whose ideas are still relevant. The book was not translated into Polish until 2010. Why more than 60 years later? Please answer the question yourself.


prof. dr. hab. Ewa Borkowska

Department of English

University of Silesia